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Version 97

Post by FTP-ashario » Mon Mar 30, 2009 6:12 am

Deployment date: Saturday 4th April

Included in this version

Nat compensation increased
The monetary compensation clubs receive when their Nat players are on tour has been increased as follows
Senior player (major or minor): $25,000
U-19 player (major or minor): $15,000

Youth recruits and the second player talent
All youth recruits receive at least one talent when recruited. Currently, there is a random chance of a player receiving a second talent.
Starting in version 97, the chance of a player receiving a second talent will be linked to your team's youth academy level. There will still be a significant random element, but teams with better academies will have a higher chance of recruiting a player with two talents.

Bookmarked player + transfer listed = message
If a player you have bookmarked is placed on the transfer market, you will receive an in-game message

Renaming players
When requested names are checked for 'uniqueness', the game now only checks the names of players playing for human controlled teams.
So, if the name of your dreams :) is taken by a player in a computer controlled team, this name will be available to be assigned to a player in your team as of version 97.

Commentary enhancement: Recent overs
A short summary of each delivery in the past 5 overs will now display on the commentary page. An example is displayed below.


Nat tour dates and elections
Currently, the first U-19 tour is held in week 3 of each season. This leaves newly elected U-19 managers with insufficient time to properly select touring parties, as they are often only allocated their nat manager role the day prior to the tour selection deadline.

In future seasons, senior and youth tour weeks will alternate, depending on which elections are held in the off season

This off season will see senior nat manager elections. Next season the first senior tour will start in week 4 and the first U-19 tour in week 3.
Next off season will see U-19 nat manager elections. The first senior tour in the following season will start in week 3 and the first U-19 tour in week 4.
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