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Version 46 & 47

Post by FTP-ashario » Sun Jan 27, 2008 10:09 am

Deployment today: Sun-27-Jan

Again...lots of new features in this double-version.

Included in these 2 versions

Feature: Minor nations!!!
Eight new nations have made their way into the game: Ireland, Scotland, USA, Canada, Kenya, Bermuda, UAE and the Netherlands. Managers are now able to recruit youths hailing from any of the ten major test playing nations, or the eight new minor nations. Goodness, decisions, decisions! In the next season or two (or three :) ) international fixtures will be implemented, and the introduction of these new nations is the first step on that path. Eventually we hope to have a vibrant international competition between the major and minor cricketing nations.

Pavilion Members feature: Global Statistics
Members are now able to retrieve batting, bowling and fielding statistics summarised by division and country. Go to Country -> Statisticss to see these stats.
Please note that this is available to all managers for a limited time.

Pavilion Members feature: Transfer search by nationality
Pavilion members can now search by talent and nationality when searching for players on the transfer market.

Improvement: Previous Match Orders
The list of previous orders now also displays the pitch condition of the match, useful for example for managers who want to load an all-pace attack from their most recent fixture played on an uneven pitch. Additionally, this list now displays the 10 most recent matches in the list.

Various bug fixes
A number of bugs reported on the Bugs forum have also been fixed. The FTP thank all users who take the time out to report any bugs they find.

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