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Version 49

Post by FTP-ashario » Mon Feb 11, 2008 3:02 am

Estimated deployment date: Monday Feb 11

Included in this version

Update: Bidding on your own players
If the high bid is held by the owning team, the text **owner** is displayed next to the team name of the high bidder.
If you buy back your own player, the 'number of days in squad' counter is reset to 0, so if you relist them immediately you'll only receive 50% of the transfer price, the same situation that currently occurs if you immediately list a player you have purchased from another team.

The purpose of these changes is to discourage the practice of managers bidding on their players purely to try and drive up the price, without penalising managers who genuinely want to buy back a player they have listed for sale.

Update: Pitch Change Requests
It generally takes about 2 days for the condition of a pitch to visibly change from one condition to another. Impatient managers :) were continually making the same pitch request, confusing the hell out of the groundsman, who after each request would begin work again from the start. This caused the situation where pitch conditions were never changing for these managers, because the work kept starting over.
Version 49 introduces two features designed to eliminate this confusion/frustration.
1. If you make a pitch change request that is identical to the request you have previously made, your groundsmen will ignore you, and continue working on your previous request. Essentially any work they have completed will not be lost.
2. When you make a pitch request, a diary item recording the request is created.
eg "16 Jan 08 04:19 Instructed your groundsmen to prepare a Crumbling pitch for your next One Day home match"

Update: Trophy Cabinets
The number of trophies appearing in the team trophy cabinet has been reduced. 2nd and 3rd place individual player trophies will not be displayed (they are still available in each player's individual trophy cabinet)

Pavilion Members feature: Academy condition indicator
Your Club page now contains arrows indicating what direction your academy condition moved in the previous week. Previously it was difficult to know what immediate effect the amount of money you were investing in your academies was having, because you would need to wait until your academy level 'popped' to the next level.
Hovering the mouse over one of these arrows will provide further details.
eg "Your investment of $12,001 last week resulted in an improvement in your academy condition"

This feature will be made available to all managers for a limited time.

Pavilion Members feature: Team Rankings Top 50
This page, at Country -> Team Rankings is now only available for Pavilion Members

Pavilion Members feature: Global Statistics
This page, at Country -> Statistics is now only available for Pavilion Members

Bugfix: Undeserved Trophies

Bugfix: Maiden awarded for incomplete over

Bugfix: Starting time for WI and NZ friendlies

Bugfix: Player transfer history

Bugfix: Squad sort order

A number of other minor bugs reported on the Bugs forum have also been fixed. The FTP team are grateful to all users who take the time out to report any bugs they find.

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