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Version 110

Post by FTP-ashario » Wed Dec 09, 2009 3:40 am

Deployment Date: Thursday Dec 17

Match Engine: Consolidation Period
When a number of wickets fall, particularly during the earlier stages of an innings, batsmen will become more defensive in an effort to preserve wickets.
In version 110, they wont slow down quite as much during the consolidation period.

Match Engine: Acceleration
During an innings, when the batsmen decide they have plenty of wickets in had (eg 2 down after 20 overs, or 5 down after 40 overs), they will take more risks in an effort to increase the runrate.
In version 110, this rate of acceleration will increase slightly, particularly towards the end of the innings. Keep in mind that this also increases the chance of wickets falling.
This should hopefully result in fewer matches where teams batting first only lose a couple of wickets, and we think perhaps they should have thrown the bat a little more and a little earlier.

New Man of the Match Formulae
The match situation is now factored into the man of the match awards.
For example, scoring 50 in a low scoring match will earn a player more points than scoring 50 in a high scoring match.

A big thanks to our resident mathematician MOD-R0b1et, for spending a lot of time to come up with a balanced MOTM formulae.
Once version 100 has been installed and we are happy the new formulae are working, I will go back and retrospectively recalculate MOTM awards for all past matches.

Organised Friendlies: More options + byes

You can now have an uneven number of teams entered into a league competition. One team each week will receive a bye.

New pitch and weather options are available for friendly competitions in version 110

Local - ie the prevailing conditions on the day of the match at that ground are in play
Random - the weather is selected randomly when fixtures are generated
A specific weather type for all matches in the competition can be selected (eg Cloudy, Windy, Humid etc)

Random (pitch selected randomly when fixtures are generated)
A specific pitch type for all matches in the competition can be selected (eg Flat, Uneven, Dry etc)

Pavilion Cup: Previous Winners Page
Bookmarks: Delete all
There is now a 'delete all bookmarks in this category' link on your bookmarks page (eg delete all player bookmarks in one click)

Commentary Submission Stats
You can now see a list of the most prolific submitters of commentary via Stats Centre -> Commentary Submission
On the Office -> Submit Commentary page, you can also keep track of stats regarding commentary you have submitted
Names database: new names for Canada
Thanks to surprize for submitting several hundred Canadian first and last names which will now be used when generating names for Canadian players
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