Changes: end of season 8

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Changes: end of season 8

Post by FTP-ashario » Sat Jan 02, 2010 2:01 am

Below are a list of changes that will be implemented in the game at the end of this season. All match engine changes listed below will not be implemented until the conclusion of the world cup, which is being held in England this season.

Match Engine: Finger spinners and medium pacers
The wicket taking abilities of these bowlers on pitches not suited to their bowling types will be slightly reduced. For example, finger spinners and medium pacers will be slightly less likely to take wickets on a flat pitch.

Match Engine: Wrist spinners
Wrist spinners will conceded slightly more runs per over on pitches not suited to their bowling type. For example, wrist spinners will concede slightly more runs per over on flat pitches.

Match Engine: Lessen the importance of experience
A slight reduction in the constant bonus experience gives, mainly at the higher levels of experience. This _may_ be slightly reduced again in a few seasons. A player with legendary experience will be perhaps 5% less effective (and this will be reflected in player summaries). A player with average experience remains unaffected.

Match Engine: Increase experience earned in youth matches
An increase in the experience awarded for playing in youth matches. A 16yo playing in most youth matches over 4 seasons will gain about one level experience more than they do currently. Experience from U19 nat matches remains unaffected.

Match Engine: Power bugfix
In some circumstances, the penalty applied to seam bowlers and batsmen having low power compared to their primary skill was not being applied during matches.

Sponsorship, ticket prices, supporter soft cap increase
Weekly sponsorship, ticket prices for matches and the supporter 'soft cap' have been increased for all divisions, with higher divisions being granted a higher increase than lower divisions.

Prizemoney decrease (to be applied in season 9)
Prizemoney for the end of season 9 has been adjusted so that placing 4th in a higher division will earn the same as placing 1st in the division immediately below. This is different to the current model where a team placing 3rd in a higher division receives the same prizemoney as a team as placing 1st in the division immediately below. The flow-on effect will result in a net reduction in prizemoney being awarded for all divisions except division 1, which remains the same.

Reduced influence of supporter mood
- the mood of your supporters will have less influence over the number of supporters that join your club each week
- the mood of your supporters will have less influence on the number of people attending matches

The above three changes have been made for two main reasons
1. to slightly widen the gap between divisions and make it more attractive to be a middling team in division 2, for example, compared to a top team in division 3. The changes are designed to encourage teams to try and promote wherever possible instead of deliberately camping in a lower division, which is becoming a reasonably common practice, particularly in the higher divisions.

2. to make it so teams are less dependent on end of season prizemoney to stay afloat financially. too many teams are running at a considerable loss each week and are surviving on prizemoney.

Match Ratings and power
The calculations used to determine match ratings have been altered slightly to more accurately reflect the influence of power in the game. As a result, most teams will notice a drop of a few percent in their match ratings starting next season.

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