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Version 53

Postby FTP-ashario » Mon Mar 17, 2008 4:31 am

Estimated deployment date: Thursday 20 March

Included in this version

New Feature: Team Transfers
Managers will be able to request a transfer to a different country. Team transfers occur at the end of each season. For this season only, no financial cost will be imposed to teams requesting to move.
This feature provide some of the groundwork for the introduction of Zimbabwe and Bangladesh as fully fledged countries with their own leagues next season.

Pavilion Members Feature: Rivalries
When viewing a completed match involving your team, or when viewing the club page of a team, you will have access to head to head statistics between two teams.
This feature is available to all managers for a limited time.
An example of the rivalries page is attached.

Improvement: Match intro commentary
The commentary that appears before a match commences has been improved. Where previously you would see something like
Tickets Please have won the toss and elected to bowl

You now see something like
A crowd of 2,201 has arrived at Relegation Material CG today for the Youth One Day match between Relegation Material and Tickets Please.
The weather for the match is expected to be Overcast and the groundsmen have prepared a Hard pitch. Conditions look like they will produce an even contest between bat and ball.
Christ has called tails correctly and has decided to bowl.

Improvement: Youth Recruitment
The youth recruitment user interface has been redesigned. The options remain the same, but more feedback is given to the user during the recruitment process.

Match Engine: Aggressive/Defensive Orders
The small penalty to performance imposed when players are instructed to play in an aggressive or defensive manner has been removed. For example, batsmen set to aggressive orders will be slightly less likely to be dismissed than previously (although they are still more likely to get out compared to the same batsman set to Normal orders).

Improvement: Bowler type added to scorecards
An abbreviated bowler type (eg (rf) for right hand fast, (lfs) for left hand finger spin) is now displayed on scorecards. This should hopefully make it a bit easier for managers to scout opposing teams.

Bugfix: Showing old transfers

A number of other minor bugs reported on the Bugs forum have also been fixed. The FTP team are grateful to all users who take the time out to report any bugs they find.
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Re: Version 53

Postby FTP-ashario » Wed Mar 19, 2008 4:20 am

New Feature: Rename Players
Managers now have the option of renaming their players.
Each successful rename (ie one approved by the Admin team) costs one naming credit.

All managers who have purchased 3 months of membership will be allocated a naming credit. Those generous souls :) who have purchased a year of membership will be allocated 5 naming credits. Any future membership purchases will include naming credits (1 for a 3 month membership, 5 for a 1 year membership purchase).

Player naming is also available to non-members, as everyone will be able to purchase naming credits via the Shop link.
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