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Version 114

Post by FTP-ashario » Tue Mar 23, 2010 3:20 am

Deployment Date: Monday Mar 29

Match Engine: Death Overs
The likelihood of wickets falling, particularly in batsman friendly conditions, has been increased slightly. For example, this should result in fewer scores of 100+ runs for 0 or 1 wicket in the last 10 overs in senior one day matches.

Organised Friendly Comps: Local Rules
Managers setting up organised friendly comps can now specify and enforce local rules. The 'Description' field has been replaced by a 'Local Rules' field. The organiser of a comp will be able to reverse the result of a match if they deem one team has broken one or more of the local rules.

Examples of enforcable local rules might include
- teams must have at least 7 Scottish players
- teams cannot play more than 2 players rated more than 40K
- the total wages of all players in a lineup cannot exceed $60k

Academy investment cap
Managers will not be able to invest more than 6x the average investment in their academy.

eg if the youth avg investment in AUS is 20K, you wont be able to invest more than 120K in a single week in your youth academy

A couple of other bugs fixed: Thanks to Turbz and Scalypiscine for identifying them.

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