Version 54

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Version 54

Postby FTP-ashario » Tue Mar 25, 2008 10:31 am

Estimated deployment date: Thursday 27 March

Included in this version

Improvement: Bookmarks
If a player is bookmarked and on the transfer list, the current high bid and transfer deadline is now displayed

Improvement: Rivalries
- The rivalries page now only shows matches involving the current managers of each team.
- You can now view the rivalry stats for any two teams. The 'Rivalries' link is now accessible from any scorecard

Improvement: League Tables
The league table page now shows results from the previous round and matches for the next round

Improvement: Team Transfers
The team transfer page will now list the number of teams requesting to move in and out of each country

Improvement: Commentary and Scorecard player initials
First name initials now display on commentary and scorecards. This should help managers identify just who took that spectacular catch when they have 4 Smiths in their team.
Freemantle to Wilson : Fuller in length and wide outside the off stump, Wilson goes for an expansive drive and the ball goes straight to Cameron at backward point. The bat turned at the point of impact and the ball went high up towards the fielder who timed his jump perfectly.
W. Wilson c B. Cameron b. S. Freemantle 42 (29b 3x4 1x6) SR:144.83

Improvement: Weather
Extreme weather (overcast, hot) was occurring too often. We should start to see some more sunny and cloudy days in the near future.

Improvement: South African and Zimbabwean player names
The player name lists for these two countries now contain traditionally boer and black player names. A big thanks to SamuelVimes for compiling this list of names.

Improvement: Default Orders
When saving default orders, your toss decision and your 'bat first or bowl first' decision is now saved along with your default lineup

Bugfix: Ground Records
Retrieving some ground records without specifying a season was causing an error.

Bugfix: Undeserved Trophies
Your trophy cabinet will no longer display trophies earnt by your team before you took over

Bugfix: Player Stat Chart Averages
Batting averages for player stats charts werent being calculated correctly
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Re: Version 54

Postby FTP-ashario » Wed Mar 26, 2008 3:21 am

Improvement: Live Scorecards and Commentary
The current score is now displayed in the page title.
eg Rele 86/5, 20 overs - From the Pavilion - Scorecard

Improvement: Manhattan Graphs
Some formatting changes have been made. Additionally, you can now hover the mouse on an over and see the progress score at that time.
An example is listed below
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