Changes for end of season 9

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Changes for end of season 9

Post by FTP-ashario » Mon Apr 12, 2010 10:15 pm

Wage recalculation
The formula for calculating player wages will be revisited, with all wage being reduced by 20%.

Why make this change?
The skill levels of the 'average' player have increased substantially since the wage formula was created (which has hardly changed since the game's beta season). The result is there are a huge supply of cheap players on the transfer market that many teams simply cant afford over the medium to long term.
I'm hoping a reduction in wages at the mid to top skill levels will restore a bit of financial balance so to speak, and will give smaller clubs in particular a little more financial wiggle room.

Switch from country based to global academy investment averages
In the early days of FTP, it was much easier to progress up the divisions in the smaller countries. With that in mind, the amount of money you needed to invest to reach/maintain a particular academy level was on a country by country basis.

At the moment, each country contains at least 80 managers, so you could argue it isnt easy to reach the top divisions in any country. There is quite a disparity between the amounts invested into academies. For example, the weekly average youth investment in AUS at the start of this season was 16K, and 28K in Zimbabwe. If we assume that you need to invest 4x the average to reach deluxe, it cost 64K in AUS and 112K in ZIM. Over a 15 week season that adds up to 960K in AUS and 1.68 million in ZIM, which is a rather large difference.

Why make this change?
It seems that recently there has been a net movement of managers from the smaller countries to the larger countries. It also seems this is because managers like the lower average investments of the larger countries.
This behaviour is exactly the opposite of what I want, which is for managers to spread out across countries.

Academies: satisfactory is the new reasonable
If you invest the average academy investment, your academy will eventually move to reasonable. However, reasonable is the 4th lowest academy level. As of next season, investing the average amount will result in your academy eventually reaching satisfactory, which is the next level about reasonable.

Flowing on from that, formulas will be modified so it will ultimately cost less than before to reach the lower academy levels (ie satisfactory and below), and will cost roughly the same to reach higher academy levels (above satisfactory).

Why make this change?
Its a fairly small change on the surface, but this should hopefully make 'smaller' clubs a little more competitive compared to the richer clubs.

Increase to rate of pitch change
I'd like to increase the speed at which pitch change a level by about 10%. I think the current speed is slightly too limiting. An increase of 10% will allow a pitch to change 3 levels in 4 days, and 6 levels in 8 days.

Note: It is likely that sometime next season, pitch updates will be moved back by 12 hours or so.

Display expected pitch change dates
On the ground page, I want to add an ETA column for pitch changes, so managers know how long it will take for the pitch to change to the desired type.

Note: This change might not be ready for the end of season updates, but will occur sometime during season 10.

Revealing required investment levels

On the academy investment page, I'm proposing adding a table that indicates the investment amount required to eventually reach each academy level.

eg something roughly like
Investment average last week: 20,000
Your academy: reasonable
Weekly investment required to reach each academy level

inadequate: 15,000
reasonable: 20,000
satisfactory: 30,000
... etc

Why make this change?
Academy investments are still quite a poorly understood part of the game overall. Hopefully this will provide a bit more clarity, and will indicate to managers how much they need to spend each week over the long term to reach/maintain a specific academy level.

Note: This change might not be ready for the end of season updates, but will occur sometime during season 10.

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