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Version 115

Post by FTP-ashario » Tue Apr 13, 2010 1:30 am

Deployment Date: Thursday Apr 15

Bug fix: Performance of bad bowlers
Last week, with the help of a couple of veteran managers, I ended up finding a bug in the match engine calculations regarding very poor bowlers. Essentially, these bowlers were conceding fewer runs than they should. This has been fixed.

Match Engine: Tailenders
The contribution that 'excess' technique and power make when determining batting ability of tailenders has been increased slightly. This will mean
a. Players with technique several levels higher than their batting should in general be slightly harder to dismiss
b. Players with power several levels higher than their batting should be able to score slightly faster

While this change will be most noticeable for tailenders, it will also have some effect for project players such as specialist openers (eg a genuine batsman who has technique a couple of levels above batting) or pinch hitters (a genuine batsman who has power a couple of levels above batting).

Bug fix: Organised Friendly Comps
Organisers have been unable to reverse results for knockout cup matches. This has been fixed.

Bug fix: Sunday friendly comps overlap with Pavilion Cup
It has been possible for people to create organised friendly comps that clash with round 1 of next season's Pavilion Cup.

Essentially this means there are upcoming organised comps that nobody can enter. This will be fixed for version 115, with all clashing Sunday comps to be cancelled and all credits refunded.

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