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Version 55

Post by FTP-ashario » Mon Mar 31, 2008 6:06 am

Estimated deployment date: Monday 31 March

Included in this version

New Feature: Download squad details as a TXT or XML file
Managers will be able to download details of their senior and youth squads in XML and TXT format. For thos application developers out there, this means no more tedious parsing of HTML :)
Pavilion Managers will have unlimited access to this feature. Other managers will be able to perform a maximum of 4 downloads in a 28 day period.
Squad downloads will be accessed via the My Club -> Downloads page.

Match Engine Change: Spinners opening the bowling
The penalty applied to spinners when opening the bowling has been increased slightly. Spinners generally won't be as successful when bowling at the start of the innings.

Match Engine Change: Pitch selection
The type of pitch selected for a match will have a slightly more influential effect in the match engine with regards to how well bowlers of each type perform.

Improvement: Player renaming requests
Managers can now request names containing spaces

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