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Version 120

Post by FTP-ashario » Mon Aug 30, 2010 10:19 pm

Deployment date: Saturday August 21st

Pavilion Members Feature: Around the Grounds
Although this was implemented in version 199, it seems a lot of people dont know about this feature, so I'll list it again here

When viewing the commentary or scorecard for a match, there will be a panel that also displays match summary details for ongoing matches you have bookmarked.
This will allow you to follow the matches of your league rivals and/or friends from the same page.

New International Format
Starting this season, we are moving from head to head tours, towards a league format with promotion and relegation. A Twenty20 league has also been introduced for senior and U19 nat teams. Team rankings prior to the start of the world cup were used to determine which teams were placed in division 1, 2 and 3.

Click on the link below to see schedule of fixtures for the Australian senior nat team, to get a feel for the new scheduled

Changes to fielding in friendly matches
This season we are trialling a slightly new fielding model in the match engine in friendly matches. Further details can be found in the first post of the thread below

New Teams: Slight finance change
Prior to version 120, when a new team signed up they were given 200K starting funds, but were not given any sponsorship money in their first week (neither were they charged for wages or ground maintenance). This lack of sponsorship money in particular caused a bit of confusion, with many new managers thinking it was a bug.

As of version 120, sponsorship, wages and ground maintenance entries are created for new teams. The net effect is new teams will have roughly 30K more in starting funds.

Commentary: Match Conditions
The text indicating the general conditions that displays at the beginning of a match has been tweaked slightly to better reflect the likely performance of batsmen and bowlers.

The weather for the match is expected to be Windy and the groundsmen have prepared a Sticky pitch. Conditions look ideal for the spinners, ideal for the seam bowlers.

Poor weather: Effects on attendance
The negative effect that poor weather has on match attendance has been reduced slightly, meaning your fans will be slightly less likely to stay at home in 'spectator unfriendly' weather.

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