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Version 122

Post by FTP-ashario » Tue Sep 28, 2010 12:37 am

Deployment date: Wednesday September 29th

New fielding model: adjustment
After experiencing the new fielding model in friendly matches over the past month, I've decided to make the changes slightly less punitive!

The new fielding model compares the fielding rating of a player against the match ratings of the match (not including the fielding portion) to calculate the likelihood of a player passing a fielding check (ie the higher the quality of the players in the match, the better your fielding needs to be). The level of fielding required to pass 50% of checks has been slightly reduced in this version, meaning you'll see less [dropped] and [misfield] commentary lines in friendlies.

Private forums: not far away
I've implemented a fair amount of the work required to get private forums up and running. I'll be releasing this feature to a few managers for beta testing in this version.
Further details below

Around the grounds: adjustments
This feature, where Pavilion members can see a score summary of other matches while following the commentary or scorecard of your match, has proven reasonably popular.

One of the main gripes managers have had is they need to bookmark a match for it to appear in the 'around the grounds' panel (i know, i know, what a bunch of lazy buggers).

As of this version, all ongoing league matches in your league are automatically added to 'around the grounds'. This means you will no longer need to manually bookmark these matches (and susequently remove them once they have finished).

Bookmarked matches will still appear on 'around the grounds', and anyone who doesnt like the 'auto-add' feature will be able to disable it via the User -> Preferences page.

Nat manager messages
The various automated messages that are delivered to nat managers will now also be sent to the nat assistants (eg reminder to bid for a tour, reminder to select the squad etc)

Nat league matches: item on club page
When the world cup is being played, managers see a 'world cup is underway' message on their club page. This idea has been extended to U-19 and senior league 'tour weeks', to let managers know when nat matches are being played.

Club and match pages: recent visitors
The game now logs the name of managers that visit club and game pages. This information is now displayed on the 'visitors' panel, so now you'll know who is also following your current league match, or who has recently scouted your team :)
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