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Version 123

Post by FTP-ashario » Thu Oct 07, 2010 4:42 am

Deployment date : Friday October 8

Associations (Private Forums)
Pavilion members are now able to create their own 'associations'. Associations are places where like minded people, or people who enjoy a common interest, can congregate.

When an association is created, a corresponding private forum is created on the game forums, which only members of the assocation can see and post in. Assocations also have stats centre pages, so you can view the best ranked teams, highest rated players, highest rating matches etc for members of the assocation.

Go to the Community -> Associations page in-game for more info.

In-game advertising
I've resisted for 3 years, but in-game advertising will now be displayed for all managers who are not Pavilion members. Ive tried not to make the advertising too intrusive. A couple of examples are displayed below.
Organised friendly comps - reversing results in cup matches
Competition organisers now have a 3 day window in which they can reverse the result of a Cup match if one of the teams breached the local competition rules.
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