Version 57

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Version 57

Post by FTP-ashario » Wed Apr 16, 2008 10:55 pm

Deployment date: Thursday 13 April

Included in this version

Version 57 is primarily a bugfix version, so there isnt a great deal to get excited about, unless you find bugfixing exciting that is :wink:

New Feature: Donate button in shop page
For those budding philanthropists out there (bless 'em), the Shop page now has a 'Donate' button. Donated funds go towards development of additional game features and purchasing of upgraded hardware for the game server.

Bugfix: Training efficiency display bug

Bugfix: Milestone text sometimes incorrectly appearing after triggered events

Bugfix: Player notes appearing for transfer listed players

Bugfix: Runout after game is won

Bugfix: Not displaying noball in commentary on runouts

Bugfix: Sorting player statistics

A number of other minor bugs have also been fixed in this version.

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