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Version 128

Post by FTP-ashario » Wed Mar 09, 2011 2:43 am

Deployment date : Wednesday March 9

Match engine change - dynamic weightings of wickets
This feature will be implemented for friendly matches only in version 128

The rate at which batsmen try to set or chase a target is somewhat affected by the number of wickets that have fallen and the number of overs remaining. If it is deemed there are wickets in hand, the batsmen will try to score faster. If the batsmen deem they need to conserve wickets, they will try to consolidate.

In previous versions, the 'resources dismissed' calculation was based on a points system linked to the batting order of the batsmen dismissed. The top 6 batsmen were allocated a high weighting, the next 3 a medium weighting, and the last 2 batsmen a low weighting, reflecting the general assumption that managers place their best bats up the order and that top order wickets are 'worth' more than lower order wickets.

As of version 128 (in friendly matches only), the weighting of each batsmen will be determined by their batting skills relative to other batsmen in the lineup, not on their batting order. For example, if you decide to place a couple of pinch hitters in your top order, the match engine will assign them weightings based on their skill, not on their batting position, so if they do get out early your remaining batsmen are somewhat less likely to decide to consolidate.

Around The Grounds
Pitch information is now displayed

Squad Page - Row Highlighting
When viewing a squad page in one of the 'grid' views, clicking on a row will highlight that row. This change is intended to assist managers when they want to compare the skills of multiple players on the squad page

Bugfix: Bidding Agent
Up until this version, if you employed a bidding agent for a player and you already have the highest bid, the bidding agent will still make another bid when employed. As of version 128, the bidding agent will now only make that initial bid if you are not the current high bidder

Saved Searches Streamlining
The process of displaying a list of transfer listed players meeting the criteria of a saved search has been streamlined (it used to take several clicks, now it takes only one).

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