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Version 129

Post by FTP-ashario » Fri Apr 29, 2011 4:34 am

Deployment date : Sat April 30 - Monday May 2 (depending on time available)

Nat teams club history
Senior and U-19 teams now have a club history page, similar to the club history page of domestic teams.

Nat teams tophy page
Senior and U-19 teams now have a trophy page, similar to the trophy page of domestic teams.

Hall of Fame 'player medals'
A small badge on the player page has been added to denote players that have been inducted into one or more Halls of Fame. One badge will be displayed for each Hall of Fame the player has been added to.
Bugfix: Friendlies
Ever since the game started, it has been possible under specific circumstances to sometimes book more than one friendly match for your team on the same day. I think this loophole has finally been fixed in this version.

Player name changes
An entry is added to the player history page when a player has his name changed by his manager

Items currently under development/consideration
- the changes to batsman intelligence, implemented in friendly matches only in version 128, will be implemented for all matches at the end of this season, after the conclusion of the World Cup
- I plan to spend some time doing some code optimisation to improve server performance during busy periods over the next couple of weeks
- I plan to add some RAM to the server over the next couple of weeks in an attempt to help improve the performance of the server during busy periods
- it is possible that all catch, runout and stumping chances will need to pass a fielding check (currently two thirds need to while the other third are automatically considered to be out). if implemented, this change will first be isolated to friendly matches only
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