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Version 60/61

Post by FTP-ashario » Sun May 04, 2008 12:17 am

Deployment date: Sunday 4 May

Apologies in advance as not all bugs fixed in these versions will be listed below, mainly because I've been running around madly doing the end of season updates and fixing any associated bugs :)

Included in this version

New: Pavilion Cup
The Pavilion Cup, a knockout competition involving the 1024 highest ranked Senior OD teams, begins on Sunday 11 May. The cup will not follow friendly rules, so fatigue affects performance, players playing in the cup will accrue fatigue, and teams will receive gate takings split 50/50 for cup matches.

Change: Increased income for higher divisions
Teams in division 4 and above will enjoy slightly higher sponsorship and crowd revenue this season. This will be adjusted again at the end of the season.

Change: Youth recruiting near the end of the season
You will no longer be able to recruit a youth player within 72 hours of the end of a season, or within 24 hours after a new season starts. This has been done to close 2 loopholes
1. Teams were waiting until after the end of season player aging updates before performing their youth recruitment for the week
2. Some teams who moved countries at the end of the season were able to perform a second youth recruit due to time zone differences between their old and new country

Bugfix: Challenge Problem

Rules Update: Cup information has been added to the rules

Change: Qualification for player trophies
Starting from season 3
- players will need a minimum of 7 innings before being eligible for the batting average and strikerate awards
- players will need a minimum of 10 wickets before being eligible for the bowling average and strikerate awards

A number of other bugs have been fixed in versions 60/61

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