End of season details

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End of season details

Postby FTP-ashario » Mon Oct 03, 2011 2:40 am

We are very close to the end of our 14th season, with the end of season updates due to occur on Sunday October 16. The main changes to be implemented are below:

New Match Orders Page : Phase 1

Fielding checks
At the moment 2/3 of all catch/stumping/runout dismissals need to pass a fielding/keeping check to be converted into a wicket. As previously discussed, this will increase to 100%

Defensive batting in bowler-friendly conditions
At the moment, the benefit gained from placing batsmen on defensive batting orders in bowler friendly conditions is a bit more powerful than it was intended to be. This has been tweaked a bit so that in some circumstances batsmen on defensive orders will score slightly more slowly than they do currently.

Country Navigation
Navigating between countries and/or nat teams has been improved

Player 'touring' indicator
If a player is currently on tour with the Nat squad, a 'touring' icon will display on the player details and squad pages

(c) and (wk) indicators in commentary

Day name showed in challenge requests

Rankings and Nat squad navigation
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End of season 15 plans

Postby FTP-ashario » Mon Oct 03, 2011 2:46 am

- One country from Canada, USA or Netherlands will be granted their own leagues. A second country will be granted its own leagues the following season.
- 'Prestige decay' for Nat teams will be implemented. This means that, to an extent, there will be a use it or lose it model for banked Nat prestige
- Dont forget that end of season prizemoney has been halved for this season (with the difference being allocated to teams via weekly sponsorship amounts)
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