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Version 64

Post by FTP-ashario » Mon May 19, 2008 4:20 am

Deployment date: Monday 19 May

Included in this version

New: National Elections page
Country - Nat Elections
The elections page is now available, and managers can nominate for a nat position on Tuesday 20 May

Pavilion Members feature: Partnerships Graph
Displays a breakdown of the partnerships in a match. Like all of our existing graphs, the partnerships graph provides real time information and updates as your match progresses.
This graph is a Pavilion Members feature, but has been made available to everyone for a short time
Click below to see an example ... eId=127564

Change: Fatigue
The amount of fatigue players receive when playing matches has been reduced slightly. We found that the burden of playing Twenty20, One Day and Cup matches was too much even for a full squad of 20 players to handle.

New: Cup Prizemoney
Details regarding cup prizemoney have been released. All teams winning at least one match in the Pavilion Cup will receive prizemoney, with the amount awarded increasing the further you progress.
More details can be found by clicking on the link below ... mpetitions

New: Clear Orders button
When setting match orders, you now have a 'clear orders' button which allows you to start with a clear slate.
This button is a Pavilion Members feature, but has been made available to everyone for a short time.

Improved: Bookmarks
Bookmarks within a category are now sorted.
Players - sorted by transfer deadline and then player name
Games - sorted by game start date
Teams - sorted by team name
Leagues - sorted by league name

Improved: Current transfers
The current transfers page will now display any bookmarked players that are on the transfer list. This means you no longer need to bid on a player you are interested in for them to appear on the current transfers page.

Change: Listing 19yo+ youth players
From now on, if you transfer list a player who is 19yo+ and in your youth squad, they will immediately be promoted to your senior squad.

Bugfix: Front Page Schedule - missing items

Bugfix: Ground Records

Bugfix: Club Stats Sorting

A number of other bugs have been fixed in this version

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