Version 143: Match Engine Changes

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Version 143: Match Engine Changes

Post by FTP-ashario » Tue May 22, 2012 5:32 am

During the second half of last season and particularly during the world cup, it was noted that fielders seemed to pass skill checks (ie [great fielding], [catch] lines in commentary) more often than seemed logical in high rating matches (ie when both teams had match ratings in excess of 200K)

It turns out these suspicions were true and the match engine has been adjusted accoringly. Fielding success rates in high rating matches will be somewhat lower as of version 143. Fielding skill check success rates in other matches will remain similar to pre-143 levels.

In-game Tiredness
At the end of each season I run a number of statistical reports to check that various match outcomes remain within expected boundaries. At the end of last season, these reports indicated that over the past few seasons teams batting first have had a slight advantage over teams batting second (roughly 55% to 45% for 50 overs a side matches involving similarly skilled teams).
The main contributing factor for this situation was identified as tired allrounders and bowlers batting in the second innings of a match. To restore the balance, the amount of energy a player recovers during the innings break has been increased slightly.

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