End of season changes

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End of season changes

Postby FTP-ashario » Tue May 27, 2008 10:44 am

Season 4 in FTP will see the introduction of 'full' international matches where players selected in national squads will be unavailable for their clubs for up to 3 weeks each season. Further details regarding the international setup can be found in the thread below.

A number of changes will be introduced at the end of this season in preparation for international competition, and to address a number of game balance issues that are inevitable as the game matures.

The changes proposed include:

1. Allow youth players to be eligible for senior matches
The introduction of international fixtures will mean that players will sometimes be unavailable for club matches. Additionally, the implementation of the Pavilion Cup competition this season has resulted in a number of teams struggling with player fatigue problems

This change is being introduced to help remedy player unavailability issues and player fatigue issues. Of course, the practice of rotating your squad and training players in endurance will continue to help teams manage fatigue.

2. Increase the maximum age of youth players from 18 to 19
As the game ages, it is becoming evident that the cap in skills between a typical player who has just left the youth academy, and a typical senior player, is increasing. While this is a natural situation experienced by any maturing game, I have decided to increase the youth eligibility age by one year in an attempt at restoring the balance in a player's career. Youth players who are able to spend an extra season developing will be slightly more likely to be competitive in senior competition, and will also be available for youth matches for an extra season.

3. Remove the ability to manually promote a youth player to the senior squad
Item 1. above effectively removes the requirement for a youth player to be promoted before they can play in senior matches, so the concept of manually promoting a player to the senior academy becomes redundant.
As of next season
- all players aged 19 or below will be eligible for both youth and senior matches and will train in the youth academy.
- all players aged 20 and above will be eligible for senior matches only and will train in the senior academy.

4. Youth players will be automatically promoted to the senior team when they turn 20
- at the end of each season, all players turning 20 will be automatically 'promoted' to the senior squad.
- If this process results in a team's youth squad dropping below 12 players, your scouts will go forth and recruit additional players as required. These additional players will typically have very low skills, so it is probably best to plan in advance to ensure that you have enough youth players to cover for those who will auto-promote each season.
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Re: End of season changes

Postby FTP-ashario » Tue May 27, 2008 10:45 am

Below is a FAQ that hopefully should answer a lot of questions you may have about the proposed end of season changes. If you have a question that isnt answered here, please post it in the Game Discussion forum and this FAQ thread will be updated accordingly.

Q. When will these changes be implemented?
A. During the offseason in approximately 12 weeks time.

Q. Will my 18yo youth players remain in the youth squad next season?
A. Yes

Q. I have some 19yo players in my youth squad. What happens to them next season?
A. They will be auto-promoted to the senior squad.

Q. I have promoted a 16/17/18yo player this season to the senior squad. What happens to him next season?
A. _All_ players aged 19 or younger at the beginning of next season will be part of your youth squad, and will train in your youth academy.

Q. Can any team select youth players in senior matches, or only teams with Nat players?
A. Any team will be able to select a youth player in a senior match.

Q. I understand that currently, players in my youth squad aged 19 or above receive no training. What about next season?
A. All players aged 19 or below will receive training in the youth academy. All players aged 20 or above will be in your senior squad and will receive training in your senior academy.
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