Transfering your team to another country

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Transfering your team to another country

Post by FTP-ashario » Tue Jan 08, 2013 1:46 am

This season will be the last in which clubs can switch countries for free.

Starting after the end of season updates, the following restrictions will be placed on team transfers

1. Teams will be able to freely switch countries at no cost for the first 4 months (ie the switch request needs to be submitted within 4 months of your team being activated). This caters for teams who mistakenly signed up for the wrong country (perhaps they didnt realise the start times of their matches would be inconvenient) and for teams who have friends in another country and want to play in that country.

2. After the initial 4 month period, it will cost 50 credits to move countries.

3. Affiliate teams will be allowed to switch countries after paying the 50 credit fee. Affiliates cannot move to the same country as a manager's main team.

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