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Match engine changes

Post by FTP-ashario » Mon Jun 02, 2008 11:39 pm

Over the next few weeks, the following match engine changes are planned.

1. Generation of runout chances
The chance that a runout opportunity is created for a particular delivery will be based more on the fielding skill of a team and less on the bowling skill of the bowler.
Ultimately this will make fielding slightly more important overall.

2. Batting: LH & RH batters
Partnerships involving a left hand and right hand batsman will cause a small penalty to be applied to the bowlers, to reflect the fact that the bowlers will regularly need to adjust their line and length when the strike rotates.

3. Bowling: Attack variety
Bowling attacks consisting of a variety of bowling styles will receive a small bonus. "Variety" in this context refers to a mix of bowling styles (eg fast, fast medium, medium, finger spin, wrist spin) and also to right and left 'handedness'.

4. Drinks breaks.
One mid-innings drinks break will be introduced into each innings of senior one day and youth one day matches. During drinks breaks, all players will recover a small amount of energy.
The introduction of this feature will have a minor impact on the effectiveness of bowlers who may bowl two spells at the beginning or end of an innings, compared to bowlers who bowl their first spell prior to a drinks break and their second spell after a drinks break.

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