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Version 157

Post by FTP-ashario » Sun Jun 30, 2013 4:45 am

Deployment date: Sunday June 30

Changes to 'sticky orders'
By default, when you replace one player with another on the the orders page, the newly selected player is automatically assigned the bowling orders of the replaced player. Some people have indicated they'd prefer it if this feature was switched off, so you can now do so via 'Office -. My Profile'

Additionally, a few bugs related to sticky orders have been fixed.

Nat player compensation
At the moment, managers receive $25k after the completion of a nat tour for every senior player they have in a touring party and $20K for every U19 player.

As of today, this changes to $30K for seniors and $15K for youths, to more accurately reflect the cost to a team of these players being unavailable (ie having a senior player unavailable for T20 and OD is typically more costly than losing a youth player).

Accepting a challenge to a friendly match
Managers are now sent an in-game message when a challenge they have issued is accepted

Finances page
Projected Weekly Balance, Projected Overall Balance and Available Funds will display in red if they are negative. This should make it a little more obvious when managers are in debt (I have received several queries from new and experienced managers regarding 'why cant i bid on this player' as they werent aware their team was in debt).

Week Number
The format of the "Week Number" that appears in the top right hand corner of the screen has changed from 1-15 to 0-14

This means that the off season will in the future be week 0, with the first competitive matches of the season being held in week 1.

If a new manager selects a country that is full, a warning message displays during the registration process that there may be a considerable delay in them being assigned a team.

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