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Version 161

Post by FTP-ashario » Fri Jan 03, 2014 5:46 am

Deployment date: Friday Jan 3

Changes to Associations
- the founder now has the option to allow non-Pavilion members to join an association. This ability costs 50 credits per 12 month period
- managers need to be a 'paid up' Pavilion member, and not just in their 30 day trial period, to create an association
- if the founder of an association lets his/her Pavilion membership expire, the next most senior member of the association becomes its founder. If there are no other members in the association, it is deleted

Reminder of upcoming changes
Just a reminder that the following changes are scheduled for implementation at the end of the season

End of season promotions/demotions - a new model
- computer controlled teams are shuffled to the bottom divisions during promotion/demotion. Human controlled teams shift up to take their place
- teams moving country are placed below all other human controlled teams in the country they are moving to, but above computer controlled teams
- computer controlled teams that became inactive during the past season will have their squads reset with low wage/skilled players (ie no more 'super bot' squads that take an age to finally drop down the divisions)

Training penalty for heavily fatigued players
At the end of this season, a training speed penalty will be introduced for heavily fatigued players.

The training speed penalties will cut in at moderate fatigue as follows:

Below moderate: no training speed penalty
moderate: 15%
weary: 30%
listless: 45%
exhausted: 60%
shattered: 75%
clinically dead: 90%

Player wage loyalty discount
At the end of this season a slight change will be made to the way wages are calculated, with the introduction of a 'club loyalty' discount as follows:

- Players that started their career at your club have their wage discounted by 5%
- Players receive a 0.5% discount to their wage for each complete season they have been at a club, capped at a maximum 5% discount

For example, a player you recruited from your youth academy who has been playing for 8 complete seasons will have his wage discounted by 9%.

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