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Version 70

Post by FTP-ashario » Sun Jun 08, 2008 6:15 am

Deployment date: Monday 09 June

Included in this version

Match Engine Change: Bowler Variety
Bowling attacks consisting of a variety of bowling styles will receive a small bonus. "Variety" in this context refers to a mix of bowling styles (eg fast, fast medium, medium, finger spin, wrist spin) and also to right and left 'handedness'.
For example, a right hand fast bowler and a left hand fast bowler are considered as two different bowler types.

Match Engine Change: Drinks breaks
A mid-innings drinks break will be introduced into each innings of senior one day and youth one day matches. During drinks breaks, all players will recover a small amount of energy.
The introduction of this feature will have a minor impact on the effectiveness of bowlers who may bowl two spells at the beginning or end of an innings, compared to bowlers who bowl their first spell prior to a drinks break and their second spell after a drinks break.
Bowlers who bowl some of their overs before drinks, and some after drinks, will have a slightly lower chance of poor performance due to tiredness.
Additionally the not-out batsman during the drinks break also recover some lost energy.
Thanks to GM-Butlee for originally coming up with this idea back in season 1 (see, he does occassionally do stuff :) ).

Bugfixes: Nat squad pages and Nat manager tools
- Nat teams can now have their own logo, supporters club name and scorecard/commentary team abbreviation (assuming they are a Pavilion member)
- Nat managers can now view match orders for completed matches (assuming they are a Pavilion member)
- Nat challenges where a minor country is the home team will have the start time set correctly.

New Page: Team Details
On the right hand side of your club page is a 'Team Details' link. This link is where pavilion members can modify their team logo, home page, supporters club name and team name abbreviation.

Pavilion members feature: Team name abbreviations
The feature which allows teams to specify a customised team name abbreviation for the live scorecard/commentary page is now for Pavilion members only.

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