Happy New Year / A New GM Emerges

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Happy New Year / A New GM Emerges

Post by Butlee » Sun Jan 01, 2017 1:58 am

Happy New Year to all!

I hope everyone has bright prospects and a positive outlook for 2017. Hope it all goes well!

I'd like to officially announce the appointment of Crowfan as the new GM. He's been working in that capacity for a few weeks now and hey, a new year, a new dawn - maybe it's the perfect time to make it a formal appointment! So welcome to GM-Crowfan65, and thanks for offering your time for this role!

There's been a clamouring for more feedback and information from the team (as well as a drive to keep the game moving forward, I acknowledge this!), and for now I might try and keep everyone abreast of where we're at through this forum a bit, even if it's just "We're still here" in the short term. For now I just got back from holidays and its nothing to report.
Apologies if I got everyone's hopes up by posting a quick message here and it not turning out to be a significant development update.

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