Admin Diary #3

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Admin Diary #3

Post by Butlee » Tue Jan 17, 2017 12:35 am

Hi all,

This is week 14 of the season, which means everyone is in the final fight for all their leagues. I know for a fact that my OD 2.1 League is going to hinge on the last round - if I win I get promoted to Division 1 in Australia!
We also had a couple of smaller discussions on the forums regarding Fielding, Farming the Strike and Tail End Batsman - so if you're interested in hearing what people had to say, asking about that kind of thing or offering your thoughts, you can find them in General Discussion.

I'm checking in here as I'm following up with FTP-Ashario on a few issues.

I also have to say my thanks to GM-Crowfan65 who's quickly adapted to the role and has been working hard behind the scenes. Who says you can't teach an old mutt new tricks!?
I am & will be pretty busy for January, concluding with my own annual 'age update', but we'll do our best to keep you guys posted on what's happening our end.

Respective World Cups are just a week away, so jump on into the forums and give your predictions (go Australia!)
We had a few issues with Affiliates not closing when their expiry was up. This seems to be resolved in all cases now.

On the Radar
- End of Season Dates / Length of EoS
- PC format for the new season / # of PC rounds

As before, I know this little diary isn't much, and I don't for a second write it to sound like we're sweeping any of the wider issues under the rug. This is just to give some feedback on what's happening in FTP and what's actionable on our end.

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