End of Season 32 (EoS Updates)

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End of Season 32 (EoS Updates)

Post by Butlee » Tue Jan 17, 2017 2:49 pm

(Copy & Pasted from the front page)

As this week wraps up our final league fixtures for Season 32, I'd like to confirm that this weekend will be the End of Season updates.

Most likely this will be on Sunday the 22nd of January and during the updates the site may be down and forum access will be down or limited. If the site is running slow or intermittently for you around that time you're probably online while the updates are being processed. It might be best to log out and leave it for a few hours.

End of Season updates typically entail; Prize money, Assignment of New Leagues & Fixtures, Player Ageing and a few other small things. Keep in mind there are typically a couple of days before you can pull a new youth draft, and there's a week without fixtures following this ("week 0"), so often the first fixture is the Pavilion Cup - likely Sunday the 29th of January.

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