Version 83

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Version 83

Post by FTP-ashario » Thu Oct 02, 2008 5:08 am

Deployment Date: Thursday 2nd October

Included in this version

New Feature: Reveal player skills
By default, other managers cannot see the skills of players from your team unless you have listed them on the transfer market. You now have the option of making your player skills visible to everyone via the 'Reveal Skills' button on the player details page.

Allrounder training program
Batting and bowling training speed slightly faster in this version
Technique training speed slightly slower in this version

Enhancement: Stats on player details page
With the large number of different match formats available, it has been getting increasingly difficult to quickly read the batting and bowling stats on the player details page.
These stats have now been separated into three tabs. Domestic (for league and cup stats), Friendlies, and International.

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