Version 36

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Version 36

Post by FTP-ashario » Sun Dec 16, 2007 4:42 am

Version 36
Estimated deployment date: Sunday 16-Dec-2007

It has been quite a busy week, so there are quite a few changes included in this release.

Included in this version
**Improved Match Orders**
Each game has been separated into 10 bowling spells of equal length (eg 10 five over spells in the Senior OD matches, 10 two over spells in Twenty20 and 10 four over spells in Youth OD matches). You can allocate a maximum of two bowling spells to any one bowler.

Changes to match ratings
The match engine has undergone significant change since the start of the season, but the way match ratings have been calculated has remained unchanged.
In this version, match ratings are calculated to more accurately reflect the skills of your team in the latest match engine.
There is also now a rules page dedicated to the explanation of the match ratings page.

Academy Overcrowding and its effect on training
There is a limit to the number of players you can train in your youth and senior squads before the effects of overcrowding are felt on training speed. You can train up to 25 players in your youth squad and 20 players in your senior squad before overcrowding penalties come into effect.
A "Training Efficiency" section has been added to the Training rules page to explain the changes in further detail.

Academy and training times
The senior training update has been moved to Wednesday and has been combined with academy update, so both events now occur at the same time.
The youth training update has been moved to Tuesday and has been combined with academy update, so both events now occur at the same time.
The 'timing boundary' indicating when a new youth pull can be carried out is now linked to the youth training/academy update. This means that the boundary is now different for each region. Hopefully this will spread out the youth pulls listed on the transfer market.

The frequency of noballs, wides, leg byes and byes has been decreased. The number of byes conceded is now influenced to a much larger extent by the skills of your wicketkeeper.

Skill pops on Club page.
When your academy levels or supporter mood change, you'll see the change coloured in green (for increases) or red (for decreases). The weekly change in Club Supporters is also now shown.

Sort order of pitches on the Ground page
The list of pitches are now in sequential order with regards to how the pitch conditions cycle over time.
For example, if your pitch condition is Green and you request a change to Dry, the pitch condition will cyle through Green -> Hard -> Flat -> Slow -> Dry

Frequency of unusual dismissals.
The frequency of the more unusual dismissal types like hit wicket, handled the ball and hitting the ball twice have been significantly reduced.

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