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Version 42

Post by FTP-ashario » Tue Jan 15, 2008 10:54 pm

Due to a match fatigue calculation bug, this version has been deployed a little earlier than I first planned.

Included in this version

Pavilion Members Feature: Transfer search by talent

Feature: More Talents
Accumulator, Boundary Hitter, Yorker and Arm Ball weren't included in the initial talents rollout. They have been included in version 42

Bugfix: Fatigue calculations
A small percentage of teams were experience multiple fatigue hits for a single game

New Ball Bowler talent
This talent will no longer be allocated to spin bowlers

BugFix: Best Bowling stats sorting
This should now sort properly on the league stats pages

Update: Match Fatigue
Fatigue hits after a match have been increased slightly.
Fatigue hits are now allocated within an hour after a match completes, rather than during the daily fitness update.

Commentary Overhaul
The code for talents, fielding skill checks and missed chances in the commentary is complete. This will be activated next week (very excited!!).

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