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Version 96

Post by FTP-ashario » Fri Mar 13, 2009 1:55 am

Deployment date: Saturday 13th March

Included in this version

Cancelling Friendly Matches
OK, I admit it, you've worn me down.
Friendly matches, except for Organised friendly competition fixtures, are now cancellable up to one hour before the match.

If you want to cancel a friendly match, go to your Challenges page and request to cancel the friendly. This will send a message to the other manager involved in the match. The other manager can then choose to confirm the cancellation if they wish on their Challenges page.

Declining Challenges: Optional Message
Managers now have the option of typing in a brief reason for declining a challenge.
"I am playing in the PCC"
"Can we play on a Dry pitch instead?"
"Knights, how many times do I need to beat you before you give up?"
"Scaly, I'll only play you on green because I know how much you love medium pacers"
"Eggy, lets play on flat, but only if I can bat first"

A few other GM-tool related changes also implemented.

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