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Stats enhancement

Postby rifatc100 » Mon Nov 05, 2012 4:51 am

Hi everyone,

My Name is Rifat and some of you may remember me as I used to post a long time ago very frequently and I am a former Bangladesh National Team assistant. anyways, I have a small request which i feel will enhance the way we view stats for players. I wish there was a way to measure current form of certain players. just like in Cricinfo, after every players profile is clicked we can see the last ten performances of that player(stats from last ten games) I wish FTP had a feature like that, at least for the membership holders, it will help managers decide which players i should put in TM this feature will further help managers like me decide which player is "on-form"/ "off-form" and it will better facilitate the decision making process when considering who to drop/who to keep in your XI. Thank you.

so in summary, I would like to see a feature implemented which will allow the manager to see the stats of the last ten games(just like in cricinfo underneath the player profile) of a player

Thanks and Best Regards, Rifat C.
Former BD nat assistant
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