USA Youth Pulls - Post & Boast!!

Re: USA Youth Pulls - Post & Boast!!

Postby spark » Mon Apr 15, 2019 2:05 pm

Philly wrote:A bit late in the season, but:
James Collins 16 years | 24,858 rating | $1,129 wage (5% discount)
Right hand batsman | Left arm Medium

Talents Seam Specialist
Experience poor
Captaincy reliable

Batsman average
Bowler poor
Keeper poor
Allrounder poor

Batting reasonable Endurance poor
Bowling poor Technique average
Keeping ordinary Power poor
Fielding reasonable

I'd still take someone like that!
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Re: USA Youth Pulls - Post & Boast!!

Postby darkmatter » Mon Apr 15, 2019 6:17 pm

I agree, I'd also be happy with them even now.

My pull for the week:

16 years | 22,786 rating | $871 wage (5% discount)

Right hand batsman | Right arm Finger spin

Talents Gifted (Fielding)
Nationality USA USA
Form reasonable
Fatigue rested
Experience dreadful
Captaincy expert
Skills Summary
Batsman poor
Bowler ordinary
Keeper poor
Allrounder ordinary
Batting ordinary Endurance dreadful
Bowling average Technique ordinary
Keeping poor Power ordinary
Fielding ordinary

Should make a handy youth player for me
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