S42 EOS Changes

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S42 EOS Changes

Post by MD-Summit » Mon Nov 04, 2019 6:59 am

A New Era

The time has arrived.

There are many changes and modifications the game needs and we have plans to implement many changes over time. This is just the start....


Pavilion Cup Renaming

Just over 4 months ago the game unfortunately lost Matt (Ash to some).

Matt was and still is the reason we have the opportunity to play this game

We have discussed, listened and determined that we believe the best way to pay tribute to him is to rename the Pavilion Cup in his honour.

As of S43 the Pavilion cup will be renamed to the Matt Krevs Memorial Cup

Youth Players

In what is an important and wide sweeping change Youth Players will now promote at the age of 21.

Currently youth players promote to the seniors at the age of 20. In most cases a player reaches a maximum primary skill level of Accomplished. This in turn makes a player under skilled to be able to perform in the current senior environment.

As well as this, using the current climate, 24% of the current teams run a Lavish youth academy or higher compared to 13% Lavish senior academies or higher.

The intention is that a larger number of players will make it to Expert and Outstanding primaries with the longer time spent in Youth Academies.

This will help generate stronger players overall that can compete instantly in the Seniors climate.

Please note that before you ask. Yes, 20 year olds will play in youth national friendlies and tours.

Youth Competition

Youth Twenty20

The youth competition landscape will also change.

We have investigated and determined that there is a void we can fill with community, player and member engagement.

This comes in the way of an extra competitive game!

As of S43 a brand new youth competition will be installed and played on Mondays!

This will take us to having 4 competition games each week + Cup competitions.

Division layout will be:
- All YT20 leagues will be filled from division 4 down
- 4 up, 4 down promotion each season for 3 seasons to ensure 8 human teams in each division

Schedule change

With the installation of the new YT20 match format on Mondays a schedule change has to be implemented for fatigue and general game management purposes.

New Schedule:
- Monday - Youth Training, Finance & Academies Updates, Youth Recruits, Supporter Mood Update, Form Update and now Youth T20
- Tuesday - Senior T20
- Wednesday Club Friendlies
- Thursday - Senior Training, Youth OD
- Friday - Senior One Day
- Saturday - Weekend Fitness Update, National Friendlies, Club Friendlies
- Sunday - Cup Fixtures, Club Friendlies

Youth training and Youth Pulls will still remain at the same time on Mondays so players will be ineligible for YT20 competitions until the following week.
Thursday Friendlies will now swap to Wednesdays
Youth One Day will now operate on Thursdays to give 3 days between all competition fixtures (aside from the Cup competition)
Mondays will no longer have a friendly spot available

All changes will be monitored and reviewed at the end of season 43.

We hope you enjoy these changes and we thank you for the continued support of http://www.fromthepavilion.org/

Please follow this link to discuss the changes accordingly.

https://www.fromthepavilion.org/forums/ ... =3&t=38513

Regards, The Management Team
Managing Director

Current Pakistan Division 1 SOD Champion!