Senior National Election Results

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Senior National Election Results

Post by MD-Summit » Sun Jan 05, 2020 2:06 am

Election results have been finalised.

Australia - Drewyface will be back to defend his Senior World Cup title
England - DKM has been installed as the new England Manager
India - sanmath85 will continue his tenure
New Zealand - Jonooo comes back to have another shot at the OD title
Pakistan - WM Champs takes over from Boom83
South Africa - Chrisgold has taken over from alibratt after spending time as his assistant
West Indies - Torpedo10 takes control from verdi

Srilanka - bura continues after a highly successful tenure
Bangladesh - caradon takes over from Turbz
Zimbabwe - Farooqee10 has been elected to continue his good first season work
Canada - Summit has taken charge from ukbwleague
USA - Cynic continues as USA manager
Kenya - Chepu has stepped up from an assistant to take over from TheWizard
Scotland - Jim has been re-elected
Ireland - Alsybaba continues
UAE - Birdmandipper gets the chance to build on some impressive work
Bermuda - Wolfpack is re elected
Netherlands - Danandrew has the joy of continuing in charge of Netherlands....again

Congratulations to all of those elected to manager the respective countries.

Please stay tuned over the next couple of days to see how you can be more involved in your national community!
Managing Director

Current Pakistan Division 1 SOD Champion!

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