May 4th Temporary Outage

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May 4th Temporary Outage

Post by MD-Summit » Tue May 05, 2020 1:55 am

International Star Wars day ended up involving a intergalactic battle between Hackers and the web hosting company that operates on!

In a galaxy far far away (US of A) a war waged between the IT techs of the universe and those that intend to cause harm and do evil on the cyber world.

Caught up in the crossfire was a young Jedi (old man) that went by the name of Crowfan and his young child (online management game) named FTP.

When all hope was lost! In stepped The Resistance!

"At approximately 8:15 AM CST This morning, Codero's Phoenix data center experienced a brief Denial of Service attack traffic resulting in temporary interruption. Our network team worked quickly to restore normal services within 30 minutes of discovery.

Additionally, we have been able to confirm that no services were breached, and zero data was compromised by the attackers. As our data centers have been performing at normal levels for the last hour, we have officially declared the attack over/contained.

We will continue to monitor and provide updates"

If we receive any further updates or disruptions we will make you aware in due course but the world appears to be back to normal and the First Order...errr... Hackers, have been defeated

Regards, MD-Summit
Managing Director

Current Pakistan Division 1 SOD Champion!

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