EOS 44 Further Updates

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EOS 44 Further Updates

Post by MD-Summit » Fri Jun 19, 2020 2:34 am

Age by weeks

44 seasons in the making has finally lead us to this day.

It is something that we feel should've been implemented back when the game was developed however, it was an oversight we have managed to correct!

Players will no longer age at the end of every season, they will age every week

They will age up after spending 15 weeks (1 season) at an age.

This will now mean the following:
- All recruited players will be recruited at 16y 0w
- Your week 1-14 Youth Recruit will all now have a full 14 weeks of training at 16 years old, no bad EOS YR's
- This will be backdated for all players to their original recruit date stamp e.g. your player who is now 28 will now be 28y 4w instead of 29y for example, thus enabling them to earn the weekly training they lost.
- The training will not be backdated to 16yo, this training will be on their current age.
- No players will be recovered if you fired them at any stage inclusive of this week. This change had to be implemented at some point. This is the line in the sand.
- The weekly ageing will occur at the weekly finance update before training
- Wages will still be calculated at the end of the season.

But what does this mean about my players who turn 21 during the season? or, my National U20 player going on tour?
Players will now promote to the senior squad when they turn 21y 0w. This will occur at the finance update and the player will be automatically promoted to the senior squad. Yes, that means mid season!

U20 tour selection will operate similar to the World Cup. The selection criteria will be:
If at the point of the Sunday tour selection cut off a player is 20y 14w, he can be selected to tour for the U21 the following week.
This will mean a player could be 21y 1w when on tour!

FTP Youth Cup

This is the initial stages of investigating the implementation of a Youth Only Cup.

As of Round 2 next season, the top 512 youth teams will automatically be entered in a Youth Only Cup.

This will be a friendly competition that will form a financial and community engagement model towards what a Youth Only Cup will not only do to the economy, but also, to the community. (do not read into the friendly crowds, we have the formulas required)

This will be held on either Wednesday or Saturday. TBD.

As it is a friendly cup there will be no fatigue hits.

No other friendly comps can be entered until you are eliminated from the cup

To compensate for this, one person still competing in each round will be picked at random to receive a free one month membership.

The final of this will coincide with the final of the MKMC week.

The Youth Focused Teams "Youth Farms" question!

We are going to finalise this question and complaint here and now!

Youth Focused Teams will always be a viable way to play the game

The game was designed by Ash to have the youth development as a viable option.

Does the model need to have tweaks to ensure these teams do not make major profits. Yes! However, if a team wants to play the game focusing solely on the youth developmental aspect of the game. This will always be possible!

This Youth Cup will help us in designing the model to make all options viable.

There are many more things we need to address in the game and many more things we intend to implement in the game. We hope to shed more light on this at the start of next season if things go according to plan.

We know every change will not be liked or enjoyed by the entire community. It is near on impossible to keep every single person happy with every choice or decision that is made. However, this is what makes this game unique and enjoyable!

We make changes with the broader community in mind and without personal agendas or vendettas to steer the direction we (the board) are intending on taking the game.

With this in mind I hope you enjoy these upcoming changes and continue to enjoy the game that we love to provide.

Have a good weekend.


The Management Team
Managing Director

Current Pakistan Division 1 SOD Champion!

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