EOS 46 Updates

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EOS 46 Updates

Post by MD-Summit » Fri Dec 11, 2020 12:50 am

End Of Season 46 Updates and Changes

I hope you are all enjoying Season 46 of fromthepavilion.org.

This EOS will bring a mixed bag of changes, updates & alterations that will affect all players.

MKMC Overhaul

The MKMC will undergo a simple but effective overhaul.

Teams will be Split into 2 brackets for Round 1.
Top 1024 (seeded), bottom 1024
The top 1024 will play any team in the bottom 1024 in the first round and the fixture will then fall into line afterwards.
The winner of the ranked (seed) team 1 match will face the winner of team ranked 1024 match in round 2, so on and so forth.
This will mean the final could result in seed 1 v seed 2.
Yes, this means a 2048 team tournament and an extra round.
Yes, this also means a number of bot teams will still enter the competition.
Yes, you could play away to a bots 8,000 capacity home ground.
Yes, ticket prices will remain at $6 for the first round

As we have done for the previous 2 seasons, the final will be permanently played at Matt's Home Ground Newcastle Sports #5.

Form Changes

Currently, form is based on a RNG. It changes and alters with no affect from a players recent performance, not how it should be

This will be changing!

As of Season 47 a players form will alter positively or negatively using a Fantasy Points based formula.
Players form will change according to how they have performed in all competitive matches.
This includes:
- All Competitive Club Matches (Youth T20, Youth One Day, Senior T20 & Senior One Day)
- All Competitive International Matches (One Day, T20 & World Cup)

This will not include friendly matches and/or friendly competitions.

Those days of a player scoring a big hundred or taking a 5 wicket haul and losing form points will no longer occur.

Vice versa, if your player performs extremely poorly with the bat or bowl, expect your form to drop.

At this stage we will not be revealing the form numbers nor do we intend to later on.

Form will still update at its usual time as per the country schedule.

Minimum Player Squad Wages

This is the change we are implementing that will create the most discussion.

All teams as of Season 47 will have a minimum squad wage bill per week

As stated on many occasions we are constantly looking at the FTP economy and listening to the FTP userbase. We watch and discuss most suggestions that you post *cough* Cal *cough* :whistle

We are bringing in a change that will close the gap and affect 20% of teams in FTP.

Currently the minimum wages a teams has is:
- Seniors $4,800
- Youths $4,800
- Total $9,600

This will be changing to the following:
- Seniors $30,000
- Youths $15,000
- Total $45,000

This will mean that each team will need to spend on average per player:
- Seniors $2500
- Youths $1250

Teams will not be required to have players that total this amount however, this will be the amount per squad that will be spent by each team and deducted at the weekly finance update.

This will not impact new teams in the first 100 days.

No, this will not be on top of your weekly wage spend. It will only affect your team if it is below the threshold.

The data we have collated and the economic changes we have forecasted will mean that one path focused teams will be affected the most.

In saying that, this change still enables them to operate their teams and continue with the philosophy of being a Senior or Youth focused team.

And I will state again. One team focused players will never be removed from the game

As with all changes, the admin team will watch and closely monitor this change to ensure it is implemented as forecasted and predicted

These changes will be implemented at the EOS update.

We have been given the ability to make all players aware of these changes earlier in the season than normal. We hope to be able to the same for all future changes.

Please note, this does not mean these are the only changes that will occur this season either.... To be continued at a later time.

Regards, The Admin Team
Managing Director

Current Pakistan Division 1 SOD Champion!

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