Admin Responsibilities

Information regarding what is expected of people using the forums.
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Admin Responsibilities

Post by Admin_team » Tue Aug 19, 2014 3:46 am

We wanted to share a little information to all, out-lining the who's and what's behind the scenes of FTP in a little detail. Just so you know who is best to talk to for certain queries, and the best ways to do that.

If you're not too fond of long posts and just want a quick version, here's the scoop:
GM's = in-game queries
MOD's = forum queries
FTP's = if you let the other guys know they'll pass the message up, otherwise the same as GM's

Owner / Developer
Managers: FTP-Ashario

Ashario is the sole owner / developer of FTP. He's the one who created the game and provides the servers for it to run on. Generally he works with the GM's in the day-to-day running of in-game queries, and helps the MOD's as required. In short, he's the boss :)

General Responsibilities
> Game updates (ie, ensuring EoS runs smoothly)
> New features
> Working with the GM's (see below)
> Manages queries with membership
> Much, much more

> Best way to contact FTP-Ashario is through the "reports" section of FTP or through the "contact us" function.

Game Masters
Managers: GM-deltronzero, GM-Butlee

The GM's main focus are queries and issues in-game. All of the reports of possible cheating, bugs and in-game harassment come to the GM's for action. GM's also have the authority to alter suspicious transfers & bids, issues fines and even ban accounts if absolutely necessary.

General Responsibilities
> Reviewing submissions from the cheating, harassment and bug report functions (things submitted via "contact admin")
> Approving player rename requests.
> Reviewing and approving commentary submissions.
> Editing old or obsolete or misleading commentary.

Contact: As mentioned, the best bet is to use the in-game functions (Report cheating, report a bug, report harassment). You may also use "contact us". It's also easier & quicker if you use these features than to message GM's privately.

Managers: MOD-amcgrath1uk, MOD-beecee8, MOD-Bongo, MOD-crowfan65, MOD-franquay, MOD-o1yted, MOD-TUnit, MOD-vaibhav

The MOD team works mostly with the forums. They have access to moderation tools in each of the general forums and the national forums. They're usually pretty happy to oblige if someone wants some tidying up done within their national forums as well. The MOD's have the main hand in forum warnings and if the needs be, forum bans. Note: We tend not to moderate Association Forums - that is in the hands of the owner & delegated admin for each specific association.

General Responsibilities
> Editing improper posts
> Ensuring forum-users operate under the forum rules
> Ensuring the forum-users treat one another with a degree of respect
> Major enforcers of inappropriate spam or 'trolling'
> Authority to issue forum warnings and bans

Contact: There are tools within the forums to highlight posts or topics or users, so that the MOD's can see them. The MOD team is also contactable via Private Message in the forums or in game as well - but please don't send messages to all the MOD's at once, as it may confuse the issue. If in doubt, drop a line to one MOD that you've seen around the forums and if you have further worries, drop a message in-game via "contact us", and we can pass the message around the admin team to the appropriate person.

In closing, just keep in mind that we're all real people too, and we're trying to enjoy the game as well. If you need a hand with something, or have a concern, just try and be patient and try and be respectful when you converse with us all. Keep in mind also that "tone" is sometimes lost in the written medium, so it's pretty easy for people to mis-interpret meaning or tone within posts and/or responses. All in all, just try give the Admin team the benefit of the doubt - none of us are here to ruin your experience.