Any basketball/FM/FTP fans here?

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Any basketball/FM/FTP fans here?

Post by bearlobe » Mon Nov 02, 2020 11:24 pm

Everybody here should fall into at least one of those categories.

In the last few months I've joined CJBL, an online college basketball sim. It's part of the JBL universe. JBL = NBA, CJBL = college basketball, and international leagues are currently under work. Only CJBL is available to join at the moment. JBL has an extensive wait list, though I have seen JBL managers advertise for assistants.

It's the most in depth online sports sim I've seen, and not far off Football Manager or OOTP if you want to throw those into the mix. It has a small, but very active community on Slack, there's even a few community driven podcasts!

I'll drop a link to the about page of the game, no referral codes or anything.

The reason why I'm posting now, is because in CUSA, the conference of my main team, Louisiana Tech, one of the AD's recently transferred to a bigger team, and another is leaving in the off season, so there will be two quality teams available soon (Western Kentucky is already available and Rice will be available in a few weeks). We only have 3 human AD's out of the 12 teams in the conference, so we'd love to get a few more.

If you don't know anything about basketball, there will be a small learning curve, but the community is very helpful, you'll usually get any questions you have answered within minutes. Now is probably a good time to join. The conference regular season is over, tomorrow the conference tournaments are finished, then we get into the big college tournaments. Shortly after that will be recruiting for the next season, so now is a good time to familiarise yourself with your team before you get into recruiting.

If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask me here or PM me.

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