U20 Nats Managemant Team

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U20 Nats Managemant Team

Post by justforkix » Wed Nov 18, 2020 7:33 pm



Roping in voyeur as U20 Nats assistant along with keepitcool & legacyofwarne. Welcome voyeur to Nats setup. Hope we get some fresh ideas from you & do much better.

Hope to have a better run in this regime vs previous regime. We start at D3 in SOD & D2 in T20.

T20 WC is end of this season & we have one T20 tour where we must do well & qualify. Also, hope to promote to D2 SOD in 1st tour.

We have a good selection of batsmen with some talents too (BH, opener, seam specialist, finisher, spin specialist) & reasonable set of faster bowlers (Fs & FMs) & also spinners this time around.

What we lack & see as a glaring gap as of now are :
1. quality Ms
2. ARs - hardly any in horizon too, which is a worry, especially in SOD - some semi ARs with cap bats summary & reli bats summary are makeshift ones which we have to live with & play perhaps 2 of them to compensate for lack of AR
3. WK - after plethora of WK last season (we once toured with 5 WK !!!), we now have only one - Boyne. Hope we will have some WK coming up shortly by end of season as Boyne will be gone after the T20 tour.

We have picked a provisional squad of 30, picking best available players, but this will churn as season rolls along due to ageing in weeks.

The 1st tour selection is end of next week. So, more at that time.

Good luck to us.


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