Senior squad future NATS

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Senior squad future NATS

Post by Cyrus » Sun Oct 04, 2020 5:43 pm

List of players to be considered for future national service
If one of your players is listed below and you would like any advice on training or wish to chat about your player in any way please feel free to contact us.
Thank you

Malcome Parris RHB Intoxicated XI
John Bloomfield RHB Goondiwindi
Arthur Dwarika RHB Ayatollah of Rockenrollah
Reynolds Lopez RHB Sparks CC
Mervin Carew RHB Miss Lanka’s Pet Lions
Carlo Minshall RHB Sparks CC
Homer Simpson LHB Ohoka Swamphens
Teddy Campbell LHB Pedonkadonk
Tishan Flemings RHB tahalenbak
Robert Harris LHB Tempest
George Snow RHB Spartan Kings
Elissa de Groen RHB DD Royal Renegades
Imogen de Groen LHB Badsey CC
Mitchell Richardson RHB The A-Team
Rohan Brutus RHB Superbia In Proelia
Albert Gopiesingh RHB Warwickshire C.C
Gerald Lawrence ... Id=2042054 RHB Buffalo Soldiers
Noor Morgan ... Id=2003838 RHB Brocklesby Park

Owen Carew doobinator
Chad Simmons Pedonkadonk
John Trocard Inner Western Wombats

Donovan Varley RWS Almost
Envis Redhead RWS doobinator
Keith Browne RFS Brocklesby Park
Foffie Cumberbatch RFM Pedonkadonk
Linford Brown LFM The A-Team
Adrian Uter RFS Hopeless
Ian Harrigan RFM Marvellous XI
Chris Jackman LFM Krieger’s Klones
Nigel Bicknell RF Goondiwindi
Eion Branch RF Blaze Of Glory
Ambrose Charles RF caterham
Donald Nagamootoo LF Paul's Spurs

If you have a player not on the list who you believe in national bound please drop us a line so we can follow his progress
Thanks from the
Bermudan National Management Team
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Re: Senior squad future NATS

Post by aarong » Sun Oct 04, 2020 6:46 pm

I have a couple but the closer one is Robert Williams - ... Id=2062684

Not sure how is compared to the other 2 wristies though.
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