Season 43 News and Updates

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Season 43 News and Updates

Post by MD-Summit » Tue Jan 21, 2020 11:05 am

We hope that all players are enjoying the recent End Of Season 42 changes that were completed.

As a board we have sat down and discussed what further changes we could implement that would be effective for the game.

Unlike the end of last season, these changes will not be major and wide sweeping but will balance out some further flaws we believe there to be within the game.

A change implemented for now

Game Manual and General Tidy Up

The in game manual has now been updated to reflect 2020 Season 43 times.

It now includes Youth T20 prize money information as well as general information that needed updating.

There has also been various other menu changes and updates relating to the MKMC and YT20.

League Equalisation

We have decided to block and limit the amount of teams, new and existing that can enter Australia and England.

Currently when a new team joins they have the option to pick from the 14 league countries and the relative nationality. This will now change.

Teams will have access to 12 countries and have the ability to pick nationalities from the 18 nations.

This is done with the intention to increase and spread the team load throughout the 14 countries enabling for better and more competitive leagues.

Furthermore to this, we have now temporarily removed the costs associated with moving countries and all managers will now be given the ability to move to any of the other 12 nations for free.

Until now it would require these managers to purchase 50 credits to do so. This will no longer be the case.

End Of Season 43

Second National Friendly

At EOS 43 we will be introducing a second weekly national friendly to be played on Wednesdays.

There is currently a hole in the schedule for another match to be played. The balance for club teams will currently not be changed however, we believe more National games are an area that can be improved on.

This will also help National managers with tactics and managing National talent.

Minimum ground capacities for new and bot teams

We will be changing the starting ground capacities from 5000 to 8000.

As well as this all Bot Stadiums will be reset to a 8000 capacity.

This will assist new teams with finances, particularly those who make errors financially.

It will also help established teams when facing newer teams that have not upgraded their facilities

(EDIT: All teams who have increased their ground size from under 8000 this season will be reimbursed the cost to 8000 or the new ground size they chose (whichever is the lower)

Please follow the link regarding any further discussions regarding these changes. ... =3&t=38707

We hope you enjoy these changes we will be implementing and continue to enjoy

Regards, The Management Team
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Re: Season 43 News and Updates

Post by GM-crowfan65 » Sat Jan 25, 2020 4:22 am

A small addition for those who use Squad numbers
We have increased the number from 99 to 199 for more uses
i.e Over 100 can be youths and under 100 for seniors or whichever way you feel you want to
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