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Version 98

Post by FTP-ashario » Tue Apr 28, 2009 7:54 am

Deployment date: Thursday 30th April

Included in this version

Separate bowler aggression for each spell
After a lot of swearing at the computer, I think I've almost finished implementation of the 'bowler aggression per spell' feature.
Managers will be able to set separate bowler aggression on the match orders page for each spell a bowler bowls.

Nat manager enhancements
- nat managers and assistants can now download squad details in XMl and TXT format, just like domestic teams
- nat managers and assistants can now specify roles and squad numbers for their squad
- if a manager is a nat manager or assistant, this will be displayed on their club and manager pages. eg (Assistant of West Indies U19)

Runouts during the death overs
A couple of versions ago, the concept of batsman 'scrambling' for extra runs during close run chases at the end of the innings was introduced. The likelihood that scrambled runs will result in a runout has been reduced.

Fired players and stats
Fired players will now appear on team, league and cup batting, bowling and fielding stats pages. It isnt quite the Hall of Fame feature people are asking for, but its a start!

Stats pages highlighting
- When viewing league or cup player stats, players from your team will be highlighted so you can more easily identify your players on these pages
- when viewing club rankings (Country -> Club Rankings), your team will be highlighted
- when viewing league rankings (Country -> League Rankings), your league will be highlighted

Club and League rankings pages - my team link
- There is now a 'My Team' link on the club rankings page which will take you directly to the page containing your team. eg if your team is ranked 250, you no longer have to press the 'Next >>' link 12 times before you see your team!
- Similarly, there is now a 'My League' link on the league rankings page

Wicketkeepers and wages
The influence that keeping skill has on wages has been reduced slightly. Wages will be recalculated at the end of the season for all existing players. The new formulae will be used for all new players.

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