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FTP-Ashario / Matt Krevs

Post by Admin_team » Sat Jun 15, 2019 11:54 pm

It is with great sadness that I have to inform the FTP community that the owner, developer and general leader of the site, FTP-Ashario, has passed away recently, after a struggle with cancer.
Matt was a family man, a cricket enthusiast, and someone who seemed to offer nothing but generosity in both his actions and his words. Seeing the support being offered since his passing has only further shown me just what a great person he was in all areas of life – as an Aussie, you’d say he’s a “Top Bloke”, and that’s about the tallest compliment you could give a guy.

I don’t believe I can properly express just how much of an impact FTP, and thus Matt himself, has had on my life. I would have been 20 or so years old when we first spoke. Now, in my 30’s I look back on just how much I’ve grown as a person – and a lot of that has come directly from the responsibility and trust given to me, and the supportive, guiding feedback… no friendship... offered by FTP-Ashario.
I hope that, whatever happens going forward, everyone takes home a story, an ever-lasting memory, and maybe even their own friendships, that were created by FTP. Those will forever be Matt’s contributions to our lives.

If you want to have a chat about this, share your favourite FTP experiences, or share stories on speaking with Ash over the years, please stop by the forum thread here.
We also hang out in Discord, so if you want to stop by that is here.

Further, our Moderators team have set up a Go Fund Me page here.
If you feel like you’ve gotten a lot out of FTP over the years and want to give some back, this is a nice place.

Overall I think it would be a nice gesture to the family, who likely don’t know much about FTP, to let them know just how many of us appreciated Matt’s efforts and what FTP was to us over the years. That doesn’t have to be financial support – leave comments in the forums or on the GFM page (you can comment without donating I believe) and hopefully we can make a collage/scrapbook of FTP support for them.

Thanks for your time, and once again, please be polite and civil and supportive of one another during a difficult, transitional time.

(next post about FTP & the future)

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Re: FTP-Ashario / Matt Krevs

Post by Admin_team » Mon Jun 17, 2019 11:25 am

“I hate to ask, but what about the future of FTP?”

First of all – don’t feel bad for asking this question. I think FTP brought us all together, so it’s only natural to wonder if that will still be the case going forward. The fact that we care is a tribute to Ashario imo.
The answer at this stage is, unfortunately we don’t know. We (Admins) are following up on the matter and obviously we're aware of how much people want FTP to go on, but please respect that our little online group of volunteers and (semi-)strangers is one small part of the full life of family, friends and community that Matt lived. These things take time to work out.
We shall keep you posted.

Immediate Actions / Timeframe
In the Short Term, we’re going to pursue a few actions to hopefully have FTP in a stable/repaired state to continue. Should see some action/feedback here within a week or two.

- Repaying of wages.
Intention is to give back the 1 week lost, and possibly a 2nd week as a pseudo compensation for hassles that came of this.

- Leaving National/U19 Teams OFF (& thus no tours, compensation).
The mix of issues surrounding compensation, elections, tour & WC scheduling etc… has a wide impact, but not necessarily a large one. I know that will seem inconsiderate of some teams, but we’re not in a position to fix every issue surrounding the game – just to get everything as stable as we can in the short term.

- The other people I must apologise to are the folks who requested a country transfer, and were unceremoniously pushed into a lower division – and they didn’t even move nations. That is an issue we can’t fix in the current season – though maybe we can consider this at EoS if appropriate.

This puts us in a position where FTP as a game can function, and folks pushing for titles, wins, promotions and who are enjoying training their players etc… - that can all continue unhindered.

That essentially buys us time to consider the position of FTP before the End of Season rolls around. It takes the pressure off all parties and gives everyone appropriate time to respect Ashario/Matt & his family, as well as consider the options for the game.

Beyond that I don’t want to say too much more. The decision ultimately lies with Matt’s family – FTP’s ownership falls to them. But whether the game continues, changes, or ultimately announces its final innings – it’s not a reflection on the family and anyone else’s efforts to keep FTP going.

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