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Information regarding what is expected of people using the forums.
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Rules of conduct

Post by FTP-ashario » Fri Oct 19, 2007 2:48 am

From The Pavilion Forum Rules

The following are not allowed on the forums:

- Detailing or encouraging possible methods of cheating, except to report as a bug.
- Deliberately antagonising or attacking other members.
- Unfairly discriminating against others (including racism, sexism etc).
- Use of swearing or otherwise offensive language.
- Encouraging illegal activities, including the use of illegal software, piracy etc.
- Posting discussions in wrong sections of the forum.
- Deliberately taking discussions off topic. Some discussions will inevitably do so, but try to keep on topic.
- Linking to websites without reason (including referral links). Links that are relevant to the topic are of course allowed.
- Advertising products, websites etc (to discuss the possibility of advertising, e-mail
- Discussing decisions taken by Admin Staff (e-mail correspondence via is allowed).
- Posting the same message or topic many times (i.e. spamming).
- Bumping threads unnecessarily.
- SHOUTING - posting all in capitals is considered shouting on the internet and is not permitted.
- Posting Transfer Ads except in the designated section.
- Posting the contents of private messages on the forums. Private messages are meant to be just that - private.

Please keep in mind also:

- All forum posts must be in English - this is to enable the moderators to do their job. Non-English posts may be deleted.
- The above rules apply to the Private Message system as well. Any users found using PMs to spam or abuse other members will be dealt with as they would on the forums.

From The Pavilion reserves the right to modify or add to these rules at any time.

If you would like to discuss anything politely, please feel free to e-mail

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