Attention all managers

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Attention all managers

Post by TM-Cyrus » Thu Jul 22, 2021 7:46 am

From now until the end of next week, The 1st of August, all managers will be given a free pass.

Any managers that are running multiple teams for whatever reason can message me via the Help-Contact Admin Team and surrender their multiple teams and still get to keep one team, no questions asked.

Whether it’s a deliberate act or you’ve just taken over a friends team because you didn’t want to see it go to waste, a clean slate will be issued.

I was absolutely shocked and appalled at the number of managers that are cheating or trying to cheat when I took this position and I aim to clean the game up.

In less than two weeks of being appointed Transfer Manager I have closed more accounts down than I have actually played games and it sickens me that a game I and many others have enjoyed for more than 10 years is rife with people that think they can cheat the system. It’s because of the constant threat to the purity of the game that the Transfer manager position was created.

I have a long list of managers that don’t realise they have been caught out yet, that I will be meticulously combing through one by one, I have transfers dating back months and months that will be looked at in detail as well as any current transfers.

I have many tools at my disposal to do the job that needs to be done to keep the game clean and pure.

So if you are one of these managers then now’s your chance to walk away with one team still in place.

Because after the 1st of August no leniency will be give to anyone who is caught, and if caught the penalties will range from a fine that will cripple your team and force you to sell off players to survive to a permanent ban that will leave you wondering every Monday if this is the week you would of got that million dollar recruit.

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